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Tour the Arctic: A visit to Arctic Canada is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Travel on the treeless tundra by ATV, look for ringed seals or fish for arctic char in the Arctic Ocean. Photograph muskox, arctic fox, arctic tern, plover, snow geese, a variety of shorebirds and dozens of other arctic wildlife species in their native habitat. From May-August experience the 24-hr sun and endless day.


Dogsledding-Igloo Building (May 1 - June 15) - The dogsledding-igloo building trip includes travel by dogsled from Gjoa Haven to a location about 10 kilometres from the community and help building an igloo (which we then overnight in!).  This is a great experience and photo opportunity!


Camping-Bird Watching (June 1-September 30) - This package involves travel outside the community and camping at the Koka River to experience the Arctic tundra, the summer solstice, life in a traditional Inuit style, and taking photos of available wildlife and shorebirds.


Gjoa Haven Historical/Cultural Tour (anytime) - In 2003 Gjoa Haven celebrated the 100th anniversary of Roald Amundsen and his two year stay in our safe harbour during 1903-1905.  Amundsen then sailed west and became the first mariner ever to navigate the Northwest Passage.  This tour stays within the community of Gjoa Have, following the Northwest Passage HIstoric Trail (six signposts), visiting our community heritage centre, and sightseeing and visiting with Inuit people in their home.


Retracing the steps of Sir John Franklin - Custom tours are available to visit sites and areas associated with Sir John Franklin’s Arctic expedition of 1845.  His two ships (the Erebus and Terror) and their 129 crew members never returned from that ill-fated voyage and subsequent rescue missions shed little light on their final days.  Today Franklin and his crew and ships remain a topic of much discussion and research.

Our community of Gjoa Haven, is located 800 km above the treeline. It is fly-in only via Edmonton and Yellowknife.

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