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Marshville Hunting Preserve



Marshville Lodge focus is to offer true hunting experiences in Nova Scotia. Pheasants are reared in release pens and when integrated in the Preserve, they are truly wild birds exhibiting speed and cunning which makes for great hunting. A good bird dog is highly recommended which can be housed at the Lodge. Marshville Lodge has a resident Fox Red Lab, Gauge, who is fully trained and an experienced hunter. Hunting etiquette for bird hunters at Marshville Lodge is no shooting birds on the ground, allow flushed birds to raise at least 10 feet before shooting, not over working the dogs, and minimize the number of hunters per dog. Pheasant preserve hunting is open from August 1st through to March 31st. Regular season pheasant hunting off the preserve is from October 1st through to December 15th. Marshville Lodge offers several pheasant hunting experiences, hedge rows, soy bean fields with mowed breaks, treelines, grassy fields with pockets of bush and alders.

The Marshville Lodge has registered guides to assist in making your hunting experience a great success.


Guided hunts for pheasant, deer, duck and goose.

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Marshville Hunting Preserve
152 Gregg Lane
Marshville, Nova Scotia
B0K 1N0
Email: sarahacowans@gmail.com

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