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New Brunswick Family Adventures

New Brunswick is serious about being a family destination. If your kids can’t find something that captivates their interest here, we'd be darned surprised, because New Brunswick is nearly a childhood playground full of adventure, like sandcastle competitions that even bring out your inner child. The educational opportunities abound, too, with chances to hold, see and touch the region’s amazing wildlife widen kids’ eyes and light up their imaginations.

The festivals are well worth the outing, too. No member of your family could possibly turn up their nose at the delicious wares on display at the Chocolate Festival, and you’ll all gasp with awe as the hot-air balloon festival sets off into the blue skies. If your kid loves to make a racket (and really, what child doesn’t?), take them over to Tintamarre, the “noisy parade.” Your head will be ringing with music and you’ll be clapping and stomping and laughing along with the rest of the family all day long.

Take the crew out for a day at the beach, into the woods for roasted marshmallows, or to one of the region’s amazing zoos and theme parks for a captivating experience. The Crystal Palace is a crowd-pleaser, with an indoor amusement park featuring a tree house, a carousel, a climbing wall, roller coasters, and an 18-hole mini golf course in a pirate’s cove. Your family will never want to leave New Brunswick.

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