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New Brunswick Land Adventures

For more natural phenomena that bends your mind, head over to Magnetic Hill, where the land appears to go uphill when it in fact goes down. Leave your car out of gear and watch it roll uphill. Then head over to the Magnetic Hill Zoo, where animals embrace natural laws instead of dashing them to the ground. You’ll need a break after all of that.

Go defy gravity yourself with a trek over to Cape Enrage, where you can rappel and rock-climb above the highest tides in the world. Take a hike to investigate the eerily beautiful Hopewell Rocks, formations caused by the retreat of glaciers in the last ice age and the wearing of the tides around the Bay of Fundy. Or, just delve into the region’s beautiful nature reserves and parks – New Brunswick is over 80% forests, and the trails make full use of the stunning natural beauty covered with stately trees. By the end of it, you might find that the term “tree-hugger” applies to you. 

If you’re looking for a little engine power to enjoy the outdoors, fire up an ATV for a new way to experience the countryside. The roar of the ATV and the gorgeous wilderness combines for the best machine-to-nature combination. New Brunswick also opens itself up to golfers in search of pristine greens and hunters in search of that trophy white-tailed deer, moose, or bear.

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