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New Brunswick Snow Adventures

Ski New Brunswick all through spring at some of the most beautiful and exciting slopes in the world. Head over to Crabbe Mountain for the highest vertical in the province for a serious skiier's challenge or rev up your snowboarding skills for a run down Mont Farlagne or Poley Mountain. Sugarloaf’s a real New Brunswick prize, with 12 alpine trails, miles of groomed cross-country skiing around Prichard Lake, and an immense snowmobile trail system just waiting for you to fire up the engine.

Speaking of snowmobiling, some like to take out the snowmobile for a quick trip to the store, but others like to turn it into an epic odyssey to rival Homer’s. If you’re one of the latter, get out onto New Brunswick’s snowmobile trails to travel all over the province, from bays to mountains to cities to forests. You’ll never run out of new places to adventure. Go admire the coasts - we promise those sirens that lure in lovers won't steal your spouses, but we can't promise that New Brunswick won't steal your heart.

For an amazing winter festival experience, don’t miss the happenings at St. Andrews-by-the-Sea (distinct from the other Saints in that this St. Andrews had the good sense to settle in New Brunswick). Get tears in your eyes as you witness the Firemen’s Candlelight Parade, and dance up a storm as they break out the musicians. You’ll also get a chance to see the Kingsbrae Garden alive in the winter with holiday lights.

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