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New Brunswick Water Adventures

Take a look at a New Brunswick flag. See the big sailing vessel? That’s New Brunswick’s way of saying you need to get out on the sea to get the most out of your adventure here. The hidden, secret coves and lagoons of New Brunswick are just waiting for you to discover them. Head out into the deep blue bay or embrace the entire Atlantic Ocean like the Vikings of yore. You'll be able to enjoy whale-watching while you're on the water - and you’ll be getting a serious eyeful of the sea creatures.

If you’re looking for a challenge, take a canoe or kayak out on one of the region’s rivers to enjoy some wild white water or try tubing for a rough-and-ready adventure that’ll make you feel like a kid again. Try your rod and reel at fishing, if you like. New Brunswick features world famous Atlantic salmon rivers, tons of smallmouth bass, and more shad, brook trout, chain pickerel, landlocked salmon, white and yellow perch than you can shake a pole at. Head out onto the legendary Miramichi for the best fishing of your life.

Ever see water run uphill? You can at the Reversing Falls on the Saint John River, where the diurnal tides actually make the flow of water run backward. For a whitewater kayaking experience that defies the laws of physics, try your hand at navigating the rough, mystifying waters as they chop in opposite directions all around you.

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