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Newfoundland and Labrador Land Adventures

In olden days, people used to go to the seaside to “take the air,” knowing a lungful of good, clean sea air is good for the health. We’re sure about the fresh, bracing air –Newfoundland and Labrador certainly has that in abundance – and the gorgeous terrain, thousands of miles of trails, and spectacular scenery are definitely good for your soul.

For rough-and-ready hikers who like to get their faces dirty and their shoes worn, trek into the unspoiled wilderness of Labrador, one of the last great frontiers left on earth. Let the terrain urge you onward as you find paths only used previously by moose and caribou. For those who like their walking tours a little less rugged, try the beautiful trails along St. John’s Grand Concourse, which wind you along over 70 miles for stunning scenery, both man-made and natural.

Campers find plenty of different environments to explore before they come back to a roaring campfire. Newfoundland and Labrador feature everything from wild coast, to deep forests, to unspoiled barrens – and you can pitch your tent on any one of them.  For the golf lovers, Newfoundland and Labrador won’t keep you wanting. Tee off in the midst of the wilderness; the only reason you’ll need to shout “Fore!” is for the benefit of the fox watching down the fairway. Courses for every level of golfer dot the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, and they've been carefully tended while respectful of rugged, wild challenges

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