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Manitoba. Land of 100,000 Lakes.

Pink granite mountains, lost sand dunes, rich boreal forest, and the best wintertime fish that ever melted in your mouth. It’s all waiting for you in your next Manitoba adventure.


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Head out into the backcountry of Manitoba by selecting an activity from the list and finding out where you can begin your journey.

Adventures on the Water
Manitoba has a history of heroic voyageurs travelling by canoe upriver to explore a brave new world. Follow their paths by kayak or canoe, paddling through... more

Adventures in the Snow
Nearly everyone’s out in the snow on a clear winter day in Manitoba, whether for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, dog sledding, or snowmobiling... more

Adventures on Land
If you’re looking to venture out into the Manitoba wilderness, head north and east for the rugged Canadian Shield, where you’ll find some prime hiking and biking trails...  more
 Adventure for the Family
Manitoba loves kids, and it offers up activities by the handful for the younger members of your family. Take them out on the Churchill Expedition, where... more