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New Brunswick. The Picture Province.

New Brunswick seems to consider boggling your mind a sacred duty, and the province rises to the occasion with some of the most enchanting, mystifying sights in Canada. Where else can you see water run backward and tides rise higher than they do anywhere else in the world? Where else can you both swim at a gorgeous beach and take an odyssey in the snow? Where else do they celebrate noise? Only in New Brunswick.


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Adventures on the Water
Take a look at a New Brunswick flag. See the big sailing vessel? That’s New Brunswick’s way of saying you need to get out on the ... more

Adventures in the Snow
Ski New Brunswick all through spring at some of the most beautiful and exciting slopes in the world. Head over to Crabbe Mountain for the... more

Adventures on Land
For more natural phenomena that bends your mind, head over to Magnetic Hill, where the land appears to go uphill when it in fact goes...  more
 Adventure for the Family
New Brunswick is serious about being a family destination. If your kids can’t find something that captivates their interest here, we'd be darned ... more