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Northern British Columbia, British Columbia

  • Elissi Spa & Wilderness Resort

    http://www.hookedoncanada.com/listing-images/4935205d0dcf5Prophet Muskwa at Sleeping Chief is nestled in the midst of the Northern Rockies Provencial Park. This area is often referred to as the “Serengeti of North America” for its abundance of wildlife. A place where wilderness is still thriving and the peace of nature is abundant. We have planned a...

  • Lakes District Air Lodges & Charters

    5171a256767fcTesla Lake and Coles Lake - FLY IN ONLY!Private Fishing in British Columbia Mountain Lakes.Tesla Lake Lodge is located in North Tweedsmuir Park, a 45 min flight from Burns Lake, BC. Our beautiful private spot is nestled at the foot of mountains with crystal clear waters and has a new cabin and ac...

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