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Northwest Territory. Land of the Polar Bear.

We were pretty close to writing about the fantastic adventures available in Bob. We’re not kidding; there was a time when popular opinion was very much in favor of that name for the newly formed Northwest Territories. Not to do disservice to the great name of Bob, we think the native Inuktitut phrase for the region, “beautiful land,” probably better calls the Northwest Territories’ majesty to mind.

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Adventures on the Water
To go out on the water in the Northwest Territories without dropping a line is something akin to blasphemy. The region is a fishing trophy-seeker’s dream, with clear... more

Adventures in the Snow
The Northwest Territories are the last great frontier, the top of the world, the back of beyond. It’s way out there, is what we're saying. If you truly love the feeling of exploring... more

Adventures on Land
Snow and ice make brand-new sports up in the Northwest Territories, like driving the ice roads, which is a ton of fun. Drive over ice up to a meter thick ice with a car... more
 Adventure for the Family
There are tons of festivals and events for the whole family in the Northwest Territories, especially if your clan is interested in learning about the native peoples who... more