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Nova Scotia. Canada's Ocean Playground.

Nova Scotia manages to pack quite a few marvels into its tiny acreage, including three of Canada’s Seven Wonders. The Cabot Trail beckons for serious hikers and bicyclists, the Bay of Fundy is both a natural stunner and one heck of a white-water rafting trip, and the Pier 21 National Historic Site shows you the real meaning of a voyage by walking you through the adventures of the first immigrants to Nova Scotia. Let the west winds of the warmest province in Canada take you on the whirlwind trip of your life.


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Adventures on the Water
Considering you’re never more than 40 kilometers (or 25 miles) from a coast in Nova Scotia, it’s hardly surprising that the province is ... more

Adventures in the Snow
There’s no limit to outdoor adventures in Nova Scotia, no matter what the weather. Hop on a lift for a ski adventure to Ben Eoin, Cape... more

Adventures on Land
Nova Scotia, like its Scottish namesake, is an awe-inspiring place for a rambling hike. Take a tour along the rugged mountain trails or one...  more
 Adventure for the Family
Nova Scotia is a place for storytelling. The land is older than you can imagine, and the first peoples walked here more than 11,000 years ago... more