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Ontario is ripe for adventure, with escapades for every taste and skill level. Whether you’re looking to seize a new outdoor adventure into uncharted wilderness, spend a day with the family in the wonders of nature or experience life to its fullest, Ontario has something perfect for you.


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Adventures on the Water
The word Ontario means “shimmering waters”, and the region lives up to its name with 200,000 lakes and an outdoor adventure for every... more

Adventures in the Snow
The adventures in Ontario don’t stop when land and lake are frozen over – they’re only just beginning. Everyone’s favorite winter sports... more

Adventures on Land
Plenty of adventures wait for you back on shore, too. Take a serious trek up a mountain range and try your hand at Ontario’s rock...  more
 Adventure for the Family
Ontario is very family-adventure friendly, so if your kids are up for it, you’ll find places they can jump into every land, water... more