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Prince Edward Island. Canada's Green Province.

You may have heard the province of Prince Edward Island called Abegweit, a softening of its original First Nations name of Epekweit, which means “land cradled in the waves.” That soft name tells you everything you need to know about Prince Edward Island (also known as PEI). It isn’t a place you go to seek thrills. It’s where you go when you need to unwind, relax, and be rocked to sleep in pastoral sanctuary. The Gentle Island is where adventurers go when the day is done.Get Started

Get Started 
Create your own memories of the magnificence of Prince Edward Island by selecting an adventure from the menu. We’ll have you on your way to the Gentle Island in no time.

Adventures on the Water
Prince Edward Island is a beach-loving community, with huge stretches of coast just calling for you to come bask in an ocean breeze... more

Adventures in the Snow
There is a variety of winter sports on Prince Edward Island, but you’ll find yourself more inclined to head out for sheer enjoyment than... more

Adventures on Land
The pastoral beauty of PEI has given it the nickname “Garden of the Gulf”, and all of that lovely scenery makes it perfect for long, rambling...  more
Adventure for the Family
Prince Edward Island’s blend of nostalgia and wonder is perfect for families, and the province has nothing but fascinating new... more