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Quebec. La Belle Province/The Beautiful Province.

The licence plates in Quebec read, “Je me souviens.” Combine that with the region’s motto, “La belle province,” and you have a sentence that sums up what you’ll be feeling every time you recall the adventures you had there: I remember the beautiful province.

You’ll also remember the friendly people, the heart-pounding thrills, and the damn good beer. Mostly, you’ll remember the gorgeous mountains, wilderness, and rivers, and you’ll smile, and think, “Je me souviens.”


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Adventures on the Water
If rafting’s your bliss, you can’t come to Quebec without heading out on the Rivière Rouge. The Rouge offers world-class rafting... more

Adventures in the Snow
Ice fishing is not to be trifled with in Quebec: it has its own association. The St-Anne River Outfitters Association brings thousands of people... more

Adventures on Land
For traveling on land the old-fashioned way, there’s nothing quite like equestrianism. Throw yourself into the saddle and...  more